Children are born with an innate love of music and singing. We believe that every child deserves an introduction to opera from an early age. Young children (aged 5-10) are easily able to grasp the art form and its amazing power. Older children may have absorbed some preconceptions that get in the way, but it’s never too late to instill a love of music and drama. The possibilities opera offers for emotional, psychological, social and intellectual development are too important to be wasted.

Opera South has an established programme of educational sessions, bringing primary and secondary school children into contact with professional singers and animateurs. In an age when state funding for musical education is at an all-time low, it is essential to provide opportunities for children of all ages to come into contact with inspirational live music.

Previous activities include visits by local schools to a matinee performance of Rossini’s “Count Ory” and a specially commissioned opera from local composer William Godfree, performed by a mixed cast of children and adults.

Workshops include a live performance by a young opera singer, Q & A sessions that explore communication through singing, drama activities that help children develop communication skills, empathy, teamwork and concentration, and even the chance to take part in a mini staged scene alongside professional performers. Where possible we present these alongside a production, allowing children to learn about a particular opera and then attend some or all of a fully-staged performance.

If you would like to support our programme of educational activities, please get in touch with Anthony Ramsden to find out more about opportunities for sponsorship.