A hurdy-gurdy
A hurdy-gurdy is deployed in the opera; it provides a leitmotif for the character Pierotto. The hurdy-gurdy used in the production was kindly provided by Sandy Livingstone. The instrument shown in the photograph is a different one, a Minstrel model hurdy-gurdy from Olympic Musical Instruments of Indianola, WA, USA.

Linda of Chamounix

(Linda di Chamounix)

An Opera semiseria in Three Acts

by Gaetano Donizetti

Original text by Gaetano Rossi
Translation by Peter J. Clarke
Performed at The Haslemere Hall, 17th, 19th & 20th February 1999

Linda Loustolet Alla Kravchuk, Diane Charlesworth
Maddalena Loustolet Heather Keens
Antonio Loustolet Michael Dewis
Carlo Ashley Catling
Pierotto (minstrel) Katherine Haataja
The Marchese Michael Burke
The Prefect Michael Fitchew
The Bailiff David Wilson
Village girl Elizabeth Traill

Opera South Chorus
SoparanosVanessa Blaber, Jenny Hill, Barbara Lack, Diane Riddell, Elizabeth Traill
AltosWendy Bloor, Dorothee Burton, Myfanwy Davey, Jane Haynes, Evelyn Knight, Linda Tolmie
TenorsHarry Maclean, Bertie Mawer, Anthony Ramsden, Alan Taylor
BassesJohn Braithwaite, Tim Frost, Jim Godwin, Stan Hoskin, John Jones, Tim Macer, Brochwel Mytton

The Bernardi Opera Orchestra — Leader: Andrew Bernardi
Musical Director: Peter J. Clark
Stage Director: Andrea Dixon
Assistant Directors: Björg Árnadóttir, Adam & Judith Forde
Costume Design: Heidi Luker
Lighting Design: Elanor Higgins
Set Design: Heidi Luker
Stage Manager: Adam Forde